Yes true !! … its normal .. but this is becouse in weak countries we do not shocks some well identified factors very important in these economies . This must be strictly coordinated with a more powerful international economic legislation and governance . These are the steps to follow :
a) we need to give spending and /or saving power to lower middle and lower up class through houshold basic cost reductions (taxes, energy, health, education etc.)
b) break the monopoly in the market for energy, insurance, banking and trade unions from one side and cut waste, inefficiency and corruption in government, Public Administration and political parties from the other side .

To go back to competitive development we dont need incentives in various sectors of industry .. we need to make in these lowe economies Public Administratione and Business work in a transparent, efficient , meritocratic and competitive way through a strict respect of law . The money for incentives should be used to lower taxes.
To give substance to these measures individual countries are no longer able to act alone as the financial variables are all interconnected in the world. As we said before it is useless a program of investment if simultaneously across countries (no exceptions) are not taken concerted maneuvers with international organizations (UN, World Bank, IMF, etc … )to REGULATE international finance and STOP Tax evasion, CLOSE Tax Havens ( all tax Havens .. ) and ensuring TRASPARENCY and MERITOCRACY.
We need to work on this two-pronged strategy otherwise the EU and others governments attempts will only attempts and weak countries will slip more and more below